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SANKEN CU-41 Double-Condenser Microphone


Specially designed for the demanding recording industry

The Sanken CU-41 sets a new world standard for music recording.
It is the 48V phantom powered version of the world's only dual-capsule condenser design. The transparent characteristics of SANKEN microphones have made them the preferred choice for digital recording throughout the world.

Used by engineers worldwide, it is a microphone which delivers a completely natural, uncolored sound. The special two-way transducer provides a totally flat frequency response. The CU-41 is also suitable as an announcer and narration booth microphone in TV and Radio stations. Its distortion-free performance is renowned worldwide. This microphone offers a pure cardioid pattern with low proximity effect. and is 48V phantom-driven.

With a flat frequency response (within +/- 1db) from 20Hz to 20kHz, the CU-41 faithfully captures the full range of frequencies from the deepest of bass sounds to the highest of vocal nuances. An incredible 132dB dynamic range covers everything from the gentlest whisper to the most explosive percussion without distrtion or clipping.

The smooth cardioid polar pattern, and uniform response over the entire audio range, allow the CU-41 to capture the choosen audio target. Absolutely uniform phase response and rigid manufacturing standards mean that when used in pairs, the results are impeccable, unblurred stereo imaging.

The Source

The source of thhe CU-41's superior performance is its unique double-condenser capsule design with a smaller capsule to pick up the high frequencies and a larger capsule for the low ones. The diameter of the two capsules are designed to provide an optimum balance between overall sensitivity and self-noise level.

Of special value is the superior off-axis 90-degree response, which is one of the most important factors for natural sounding recording and cannot be comparably achieved with single capsule design.

Pracital considerations

In designing the CU-41 SANKEN has paid close attention to practical considerations. The microphone is, for example, immune to the effects of humidity and temperature change, because its condenser diaphragms are mode of titanum membranes (one micron thick) The membranes are not only weather and temperature resistant, but also corrosoin free, assuring a long microphone life.



Please note that the S-41 elastic supsension is an included accessoire


S-41 SpinneTransportkoffer zu CU-41
S-41 Elastic Suspension / TC-41 Aluminium carrying case

Netzteil für zwei CU-41
P-41 Phantom PSU

various cables



transducer type: 2-Way condenser capsules
Directional Pattern: Cardioid
frequency response: 20Hz - 20kHz +/- 1dB
Nominal Impedance: 150 Ohm
Sensitivity at 1kHz: 7mV rms/Pa
max. SPL for 1% dist.: 140dB
Equivalent noise level: (IEC 179): >15dB
Dynamic range: 125dB
Daphragm: Titanium Membrane (1micron)
Supply voltage : 48V Phantom +/- 4V
Dimensions: 18cm x 5cm
weight: 582g


grafische Darstellungen
frequency response and polar pattern



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