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CSS-5 mit Handgriff

SANKEN CSS-5 stereo shotgun

World's First Stereo Shotgun - with Three Modes Operation

Sanken introduced the world's first Stereo Shotgun Microphone in response to the persistent demands of production sound engineers for an easy-to-operate, flexible stereo shotgun for use in stereo broadcasts and feature films with stereo and surround sound. Because of Sanken's innovations in Second Pressure Gradient technology and the use of two cardioid diaphragms, the CSS-5 offers three distinct operation modes.

Unique three mode selection

[MONO] A very sharp directional mono shotgun microphone. Sharp shooting angle
polar pattern is maintained from high to low frequencies.
[NORMAL] In the NORMAL MODE, the CSS-5 clearly picks up targeted frontal sound as well as extremely accurate stereo sound source localization.
[WIDE] The WIDE mode is designed for stereo recording of sound effects and
environmental information where dialogue will be dubbed in at a later date.
This mode allows a wider 140 degree stereo width.

Super MONO-STEREO compatibility

When the mode is changed from MONO to NORMAL, the sound characteristic of the center does not change. Due to the low proximity effect, it is possible to work a scene both close-up and wide with little change in audio characteristics.



CSS-5 mit Softie
CSS-5 with Softie und Handgrip

The lightweight Softie ist a true alternative to larger windshields.
When using a rycote we recommend to use GS-5 Suspension Handgrip

GS-5 Suspension Handgrip
WS-7s Rycote Cage windshield (MZW400)
WJ-7s Rycote windjammer (WJA400)
CB-483II P48V battery PSU, 9V alkaline battery, XLR-3 in/out, 1ch
RSG416 Handgrip for Softie
Softie 400 Softie windshield (long fur)
Softie 416 Softie400 + RSG416
TC-3 Aluminium carrying case



transducer type: 5-Way Condensator
Directional Pattern: choose: Shotgun, stereo, wide
frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz
Output Impedance: 240 Ohm
output level at 1 Pa: 31mV (-30dB) high directivity (mono)
40mV (-28dB) stero (normal)
70mV (-23dB) wide stereo (wide)
max. SPL for 1% dist.: 120dB
noise (IEC 179): >18dB
transducer: PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide)
Powering: 48V Phantom +/- 4V
length: 30cm
weight: 250g


grafische Darstellungen
frequency response and polar pattern



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