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SANKEN CS-1 Short Shotgun Microphone
SANKEN Short Shotgun CS-1


Short Shotgun Microphone with Remarkable Features

The SANKEN CS-1 is an answer to big demand from many engineers in video and film industry. It is easy to be hidden from camera eye because of its small length. Although only 180mm long, the CS-1 has very sharp directivity and good clean sound for real professional application.

The CS-1 is ideal for boom operation. Thank to its reasonable price, it is affordable for everybody.


  • Very sharp directivity in only 180mm long body
  • Flat frequency response even above 20kHz (on axis)
  • Good sensitivity -30dB/Pa (31mV)
  • High SPL, more than 137dB SPL (1% THD), no distortion even in close setting to sound source
  • Narrow angle directivity all over the frequency area
    23dB@20kHz, 25dB@10kHz, 26dB@1kHz, 20db even@ 200Hz
  • Light weight; just 100g, makes it easy for boom pole operation
  • SANKEN original square type DC biased condenser capsule


Accessories CS-1

Zubehör zu SANKEN CS-1

CS-1 Zubehör




Dimension Drawings


specifications CS-1

Transducer Type: DC bias condenser microphone
Frequency Response: 50Hz - 20kHz
Output Level at 1 Pa: 31mV (-30dB)
max. SPL for 1% dist.: 137db
Noise (IEC 179): <17db
Output Impedance 180Ohms
Powering: 48V Phantom +/- 1V
Dimensions: 180mm x 10mm
Weight: 100g
Case: Two microphones in one body

frequency response and polar pattern


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