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SANKEN COS-22 Dual Omni-Capsule Lavalier Microphone

The new COS-22 is the world’s first dual capsule lavalier microphone. In the tradition of the popular Sanken COS-11s lavalier, the ultra miniature COS-22 measures only 31.6mm(1.25”) in length but boasts a full frequency response up to 20,000 Hz. The two-channel, dual-omnidirectional COS-22 is designed for a variety of applications, including stereo applications for ambience of nature sound and music recording, redundant lavalier live broadcast usage, e.g. speech for news anchor.

As a special usage, it can be used for “noise cancel” microphone when you reverse phase of ch2 and sum ch1 & ch2 under noisy circumstances.



Technical data of COS-22


Transducer: Pre-polarized condenser with vertical diaphragm
Directivity: omni-directional
Frequenzbereich: 20Hz - 20kHz
Impedanz: 180 Ohm
Sensitivity -35dB/PA +/-2db(17.8mV)
level differenc less than 1dB
max. SPL bei 1% THD: 137dB
Equivalent noise level (IEC 179): less than 28dBA /re.20 μ Pa)
Powering: 2X48V Phantom, <2mA pro Kanal
Anschlüsse XLR5-M
Ch. indication 1ch:grey, 2ch:black (front mesh color)
Kabellänge 3m
Pin Layout 1Masse, 2/3 Kanal 1, 4/5 Kanal 2
Länge: 19,1cm
Weight: Mikrophone 20g, 48V I/F 70g


grafische Darstellungen
Frequenzgang und Richtdiagramm


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