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CO-100K Omni directional super wide range condenser microphone which has 20Hz till 100kHz frequency response.

The SANKEN CO-100k is the first 100kHz microphone in the world which can be used for real professional recording, not for measurement purpose. This microphone is desgned with NHK Science & Technical Research Laboratories.It is the answer to quite a few enthusiastic engineers who want to record the sound until 100kHz.

Thanks to very wide frequency response and good signal to noise ratio, SANKEN have gotten very strong confidence that the CU-100k can be widely used for professional recording of classical and other type of acoustic music.

This will be th new step of experience for all of us to feel by human being's senses far upper than 20kHz energy in music sound. And it will give us a kind of possibility to create revolutionary expansion of sound information, details of nuance of music.

The sound recorded by the SANKEN CU-100k also has obvious difference even in "audible frequency" which has been said as from 20Hz till 20kHz. Because it has also superbly rich low and mid frequency taste.



K-GPS Suspension holder



dimension drawing of CO-100k


specifications CO-100k

transducer type: DC bias condenser microphone
Directivity: Omni
frequency response: 20Hz - 100kHz
Impedanz: 240 Ohm
output level at 1 Pa: -35dB (17.8mV) +/-1db
max. SPL for 1% THD: 137dB
noise (IEC 179): >22dBA
Powering 48V Phantom, <4mA
weight: 150g

grafische Darstellungen
frequency response and polar pattern


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