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CMS-9 M/S stereo
SANKEN CMS-9 M-S or CMS-9 stereo


Stereo Microphone utilizing M-S technology

The Sanken CMS-7s is a portable M-S stereo condenser microphone for indoor and outdoor Broadcast and Film sound recording. The CMS-9 is an extremely popular stereo microphone used all over the world, and its Titanium diaphragm isrelatively immune to temperature and humidity changes.

The CMS-9 is the L,R stereo output version of CMS-7s. M-S to LR conversion is in the body of the mic (the CMS-9 can be specially ordered with M-S outputs). The CMS-9s has XLR-5 output and normal 48V phantom driven.The sound character is similar to the CMS-7s, and it will handle a maximum SPL of up to 130dB.

Two versions

CMS-9 M-S with encoded M-S output signal.
CMS-9 stereo with decoded stereo output signal. (at an angle of 127°)



GS-7s Handgrip with suspension
WS-7s Windscreen
WJ-7s Windjammer
TC-7s Aluminium Suitcase

P48 Battery PSU, 9V Alkaline Battery, XLR-5 in/out, 2ch

SC-532/1.8 Y-Cable, XLR.5 to XLR-3, 1.8m



Transducer Type: Push-Pull Condensator
polar pattern: M-S stereo (M=cardioid S=figure of eight)
frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz
Impedance: 70 Ohm
output level at 1 Pa: 10mV
max. SPL for 1% THD.: 130dB
noise (IEC 179): >19dB
transducer: Titanium Membrane (1micron)
Stromversorgung: 48V Phantom +/- 4V
Dimensions: 23.5cm x 19mm
weight: 200g


grafische Darstellungen
frequency response and polar pattern


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