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The SANKEN CMS-2 is the world's smallest and lightest traditional MS stereo microphone fo TV an radio broadcasting, motion picture making and studio recording. Delivering a natural, uncolored sound and offering perfect reproduction of the stereo sound image, it is ideal as a main microphone for orchestras or musical groups. It is also excellent for capturing difficult sound ambiences of live audiences at pop concerts, talk shows, etc.

The CMS-2 features a very flat frequency response (20Hz to 18kHz), and a very low self noise regarding the size of the capsule (16dB or less),wich suit it well for todays demanding recording industry. It also features an original SANKEN push-pull type capsule design which gives it a 6dB higher sensitivity over similar sized conventional microphones. It has a high dynamic range of 129dB (maximum SPL= 145dB at 1% THD).

Like all SANKEN true condensor microphones, it has a one-micron titanium diaphragm that is light, strong, corrosion-free and immune tu remperature and humidity changes. Its output is MS. The CMS-2 can work with any standard matrix box.



H-21D Microphone holder
P41B Phantom PSU
MB-2A MS to LR matrix box with angle adjuster (0° to 127°)
CB 485II P48 batter PSU, 9V alkaline battery, XLR-5 in/out 2ch
SC-532/0.3 Y-cable XLR-5 to 2* XLR-3
TC-2 Aluminium carrying case


specifications CMS-2

Transducer Type: Push-Pull DC bias condenser
Directional Pattern: Mid=Cardioid, Side=Figure 8
Diaphragm: Titanium membrane
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 18kHz
Recommended Load Impedance 1kOhm or higher
Nominal Impedance: 250 Ohm
output level at 1 Pa: 2.8mV
max. SPL for 1% dist.: 145dB
noise (IEC 179): 16dB or less
Dynamic range: 129dB

XLR-5, pin 1=ground,
Pin 2/3=mid mic,
Pin 5/6=side mic

Supply voltage:: 48V +/- 1V
Dimensions: 17.6cm x 2.05cm
weight: 180g
Case: Brass construction, steel screen, satin nickel (or mat black) plated finish

frequency response and polar pattern


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