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CMS-10 mit Kameramount

SANKEN CMS-10 stereo shotgun

New Generation Stereo/Mono Shotgun for HDTV Digital Camcorder Age

The CMS-10 is switchable between a very sharp directional mono shotgun response and a specialized stereo shotgun mode that delivers a rich "Environmental Stereo Sound." The CMS-10 is designed as a camera mounted microphone, however it can also be mounted on a boom pole for field recording. The source of Sanken's Environmental Stereo Sound is a new generation M-S microphone design. Thanks to the exclusive internal circuit, it is simple to obtain a L and R output with precise location imagery -- directly from the microphone, and also a very narrow-focused mono sound by using the ST/MONO switch.

The CMS-10 is small (less than 220mm length and 170g weight), an advantage in demanding field shooting, and the PPS diaphragm provides optimum durability in locations with high humidity and extreme temperatures. The CMS-10 is an excellent choice for creative engineers working in HDTV and HD-Cam for movie production.



included are
WSJ-10 Short fur windshield with inner stuff.
SH-10 Suspension holder for camera mount.

optional are
DB-485II P48 battery PSU for 9V alkaline battery, XLR-5 in/out, 2ch
SC-532/1.8 XLR-5 to 2*XLR-3 conversion cable



transducer type: DC biased condenser
directional pattern: high directivity or stereo
frequency response: 50Hz - 20kHz
output impedance: 240 Ohm
output level at 1 Pa: 50mV (stereo)
28mV (mono)
max. SPL for 1% THD @ 1kHz: 120dB
noise (IEC 179):

<20dB (stero)
<22dB (momo)

transducer: PPS (Poly-Phenylene-Sulfide)
powering: 48V Phantom +/- 4V, 4mA
length: 23cm
weight: less than 170g

grafische Darstellungen
frequency response and polar pattern


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